For more than 50 years in the conditions of intensifying competition and rapidly changing market conditions, “Montaj stroitelni konstruktii” JSC, increasing the quality of services and products and protecting the environment, upon performing the activities related to the production of metal structures and the construction of buildings, facilities and infrastructure.

We have always had clear priorities and our main aim is to provide the complex solutions in all phases of the production and construction process.

To implement the policy, we strive to achieve compliance between customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, other stakeholders and good manufacturing practices.

The management of “Montaj stroitelni konstruktii” JSC conducts an active and targeted policy to fulfill the following goals and commitments:


Quality management:

  • Understanding the requirements and expectations of our customers and satisfying them;
  • Production and delivery of products and services corresponding to the requirements of the client and the applicable requirements of the normative acts and standards;
  • Increase customer satisfaction by implementing management systems and improving processes to ensure compliance with their requirements.
  • Assessment of the risks and using the opportunities and taking the necessary measures for their management, to increase the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of the market;
  • Optimization of company processes for adequacy, expediency and compliance with applicable requirements, based on continuous monitoring, improvement and development;
  • Application of principles to continuously improve the quality of the products and services we offer;
  • Developing and maintaining the skills of personnel and increasing their qualifications through effective training;


Ensuring Occupational Safety and Health /OSH/

  • Ensuring a working environment and working conditions that create prerequisites for the physical, mental and social well-being of the employees of the company and other persons who may be influenced;
  • Compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and the accepted good production practices for health and safety working conditions;
  • Applying the principles of prevention – anticipatory identification of emerging hazards, assessment of the risks of these hazards and taking preliminary measures to reduce risks and eliminate hazards, as well as maintaining readiness to respond to emergency situations;
  • Continuous improvement and development of the processes regulating the safety and health in the company;
  • Consultation and involvement of workers and/or workers’ representatives, through feedback communication with them and enabling participation in decision-making in the development, planning, implementation, performance evaluation and improvement actions of OSH management;


Environmental protection:

  • Protection of the environment, through a system of actions to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts on it;
  • Management of identified significant environmental aspects and their impact on it;
  • Achieving compliance with applicable regulatory requirements related to the environment, related to the company’s activities, processes and products and their aspects;;
  • Continually improving the protection of the environment, by minimizing risks and taking advantage of opportunities for improvement, as well as taking appropriate preventive and effective corrective measures;


The management of the company assesses that the achievement of this policy is possible by introducing appropriate management models, documented in policies, procedures and instructions, to achieve an effective Integrated Management System, following the tested and established principles laid down in the international standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 и ISO 14001:2015.

In this regard, the management will require all managers, employees and workers from all units of the company to show high professionalism, technological discipline and responsibility, to know the management system, to comply strictly with the requirements regulated in the documents of the system and actively to assist in its development.

In my capacity as the Executive Director of years “Montaj stroitelni konstruktii” JSC, I declare my personal participation and responsibility for the implementation of the announced policy, compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Bulgaria and provision of the necessary resources for the effective functioning and improvement of the Integrated Management System.