On 1.04.1965, by the Decree of the Council of Ministers to the DSO “Industrial Construction”, a new structures department was established as a specialized building unit for the production and installation of steel and prefabricated reinforced concrete structures and pile foundation. It had its own construction machinery, specialized auto transport, tower cranes, building lab and professional training center. Under the leadership of Eng. Kiril Kostadinov, MCK built its first construction sites – Aurubis copper plant in Pirdop, Tire production factory Vida and TPP Maritza East 2. In the coming years, MCK has established itself as a leader in the construction sector having employed experienced engineers and highly qualified specialists, capable of performing complex national projects, including those of strategic importance. The Department has many branches throughout the country, with more than 2,000 employees.

In the 70s and 80s, the Department, headed by eng. Assen Gradinarov, participated in the construction of the remarkable for Bulgaria in this period Asparuhov Bridge – Varna, Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture – Sofia, Kozloduy NPP, Heavy machinery production plant – Radomir, KCM Plovdiv, Agropolychim – Devnya and many others. 

Under the leadership of eng. Tsvetan Salev, MCK continued to impose high standards in the construction industry, completing a number of industrial, infrastructure, energy and trade – logistics sites. In the present days, the Company has the capacity to offer its clients services from the entire construction spectrum, including research, design, construction permits, complete construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance.

In its history, MCK has been involved in building more than 1,100 large sites. The current team, led by eng. Evgeni Borisov, is highly motivated to continue the traditions and development of MCK as a brand, symbol of quality and professionalism, in the construction market in the country and abroad. As a quality proof of the accomplishments MCK has achieved, the Company has been awarded with the most prestigious “Building of the year 2018” award in the construction market in Bulgaria for the completion of “Industrial Park Sofia East” in the category “Logistic buildings”.